Friday, August 08, 2008

2nd Triffid Park order

I initiated a group order (group of 2) at triffid park ( which started around march of this year. I was unable to get more to join the group order. I shared the order with a relatively new carnivore hobbyist. This is my second order with triffid park.

The package arrived a week ago. Why only a week ago? Well, the local paper works (import permit) took too long. It went back and forth. I'm sad to say that the Bureau of Plant Industry doesn't allow sundews (drosera) and bladderworts (utricularia) to be imported. I'm not sure if this rule is specie or genus level but every specie I specify was asked to be omitted.

Anyway my part of the order was small:
Nepenthes khasiana
Nepenthes sanguinea
VFT 'royal red'
Pinguicula mesophytica
Brocchinia reducta
Aldrovanda vesiculosa

His was much larger, a lot of VFT's and sarracenias.

Tried to get in some petiolaris complex droseras and some utricularas but as I have mentioned, it is prohibited.

I'm very poor in growing non-nepenthes carnivores. But I'm giving it another try.

Everything seems normal, the state of the VFT's were the same as the last time.

The sarracenias looked ok, but not great. They will live though.

For the plants I ordered, all looked well and are doing fine right now.

The only plant that was dissatisfying was the nepenthes he ordered. both growth tips were black. I emailed triffid park immediately about it. He too was asking if could ask them to have it replaced or refunded.

I'll post pictures soon. As well as update my website.

There is also an ongoing group order for Borneo Exotics ( It is still open for those who want to join in.


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